Project members from FER and GEOF visited Technical University (TUDELFT) in the Netherlands to discuss educational activities, interesting research topics and future project proposals.

From 10th until 13th of October, a member of GEOF TODO team, Zvonimir Nevistić (ESR, postdoctoral assistant) and two members of FER TODO team, Emanuel Guberović (ESR, a doctoral student) and Ivana Bosnić (staff member), visited The Knowledge Centre Open Data of Delft, at the Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment, University of Technology, Delft. Our hosts, Bastiaan van Loenen and Frederika Welle Donker invited visitors from the University of Zagreb to spectate the bachelor and master level course classes held by their teaching staff, to observe how our colleagues incorporate active learning in the teaching process of open data related courses. Afterwards, we exchanged our experiences with the teaching staff and hosts, and discussed how active students in Croatia are, specifically how well they accept more inclusive learning methods, and what could be done to improve the learning process.

Our visit was finalized by meeting of research groups of both faculties of our hosts, attended by both the staff and PhD students. The visiting ESRs from Croatia presented their research and their current research status, which was followed by the discussion on some possible directions and difficulties the research could run into, especially from the side of the open data, privacy concerns and business models for open data intermediaries. All of these are topics of great interest to our host group.

The visit was also the opportunity to discuss in depth the future collaboration between TUDELFT and FER and new project proposals which would be of interest to both institutions, as well as cooperation on future papers of the two universities (UNIZG and TUDELFT), which are the result of joint cooperation on the TODO project.