Dear TODO friends!

We are pleased to announce that a free, open e-course in Croatian on open data with the official title in Croatian: “Otvoreni podaci - što su i kako mi mogu koristiti? Smjernice dobre prakse za rad s otvorenim podacima u Hrvatskoj” (Open data, what is it and how can I benefit? Best practices for open data in Croatia)  is available from October 10, 2022.

The course provides an overview of all aspects of open data: technical and non-technical. It describes the management of open data, shows the best practices for working with open data in Croatia and beyond, and enables understanding of all phases of the open data life cycle.
It is intended for (1) users of open data, (2) providers of open data and decision-makers, (3) students and researchers, and (4)  the general public interested in learning something new.
This MOOC is designed as a self-paced asynchronous course without time limits; through materials and various activities (lessons, video-clips, conversations with stakeholders from Croatia, quizzes and interactive tasks), the participants take part in accordance with their time possibilities. It takes 10 to 20 hours of work to complete the course, depending on the scope of the chosen topics: for users or data providers. Upon completion of the course, it is possible to download a corresponding certificate of completed units for users and/or data providers.

Access to the course is free, with prior simple registration. The course is published under the open license CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 and - in the spirit of openness promoted in the course - it can be reused, changed and adapted to one's own needs.

We invite you to enroll in the open data e-course and:

  • Explore the basics and goals of open data and open government;
  • Discover the opportunities created by (re)using open data;
  • Examine the technological challenges associated with the (re)use and publication of open data.
  • Discover how to publish open data in a sustainable manner;
  • See the best practices guidelines for working with open data in other European countries for inspiration;
  • Learn from Croatian examples how various stakeholders interact with open data.
  • Become an open data expert in Croatia.

The course is available on the educational platform of the TODO project:
Email address for more information about the course or help using it: