We were active! We finished framework presentation in MODUL 2 and diligently preparing for Summer school

MODULE 2 is an advanced module of online lectures combined with smaller exercises covering more advanced areas of open data specifically dedicated to the situation in Croatia and/or a specific part of the open data ecosystem:
• Open Data Evaluation and success factors
• Open Data Impact assessment
• Theories and Research Methodologies in the Open Data domain

All TODO members and participants were grouped in 7 teams/groups. Each group had to prepare a report on proposed open data ecosystem assessment framework (i.e., key performance indicators (KPIs)). The report included the objective of the evaluation and a list of indicators with a brief justification for the indicators. Furthermore, each group had to present a proposed assessment framework to TODO consortium on 16 July. Based on the presented frameworks, a general framework will be created which will be applied to a specific domain in MODULE 3.

The summer school will be organized in Varaždin, Croatia in the beginning of September, with the notification that the realization depends on the epidemiological situation.
The summer school will be dedicated to the research roadmap development, identifying the interdisciplinary and multi-domain research challenges as well as single disciplinary and multidisciplinary open Data challenges. The outcomes of the summer school should result in the definition of interdisciplinary research challenges dealing with one or multiple stages of the open data life cycle.