The UNIZG visited the University of the Aegean (UAEGEAN) from August 30th  till September 3rd 2022. including staff and ESRs from Faculty of organization and informatics, Faculty of agriculture and Faculty of transport and traffic sciences.

Topics on the meeting agenda included:

  • Deliverable 6.4. educational guidelines - introducing changes to existing open courses; introducing a new interdisciplinary course (along with new education methods); guidelines to be published
  • Deliverable 6.2. structure of collaboration - report on possibilities, describe mission and services
  • New project proposal ideas
  • Research and professional paper design and discussion

The visit to the University of the Aegean was beneficial to all institutions involved. Its outcomes included the confirmation and refinement of research directions, the identification of opportunities for new projects among project partners, and the sustainability and continuation of research in the TODO project's field.