The book "World of open data" is a product of the TODO core partners UAEGEAN and TUDELFT joint effort and will be published in Arabic soon. This book discusses the latest developments in the field of open data. The opening of data by public organizations has the potential to improve the public sector, inspire business innovation, and establish transparency. With this potential comes unique challenges; these developments impact the operation of governments as well as their relationship with private sector enterprises and society. Changes at the technical, organizational, managerial, and political level are taking place, which, in turn, impact policy-making and traditional institutional structures. This book contributes to the systematic analysis and publication of cutting-edge methods, tools, and approaches for more efficient data sharing policies, practices, and further research.

Have a look at the new paper on The Three Generations of Electronic Government: From Service Provision to Open Data and to Policy Analytics. This is a publication from TODO  core partner UAEGEAN.