The International Open Data Conference organised by the Twinning Open Data Operational Project Consortium seeks to address current challenges of open data provision and reuse. This scientific conference, which will also host open data professionals from public and private sector as well as open data users and enthusiasts, aims to highlight benefits and impact of open data for addressing societal problems and economic growth.

In addition to the main sessions which will provide the participants the opportunity to get acquainted and inspired by the recent developments in the open data research, the five-days conference will offer keynote speeches, sessions, special panels, workshops for students and general public, presentation of the Open data MOOC and professionals panels. The conference will be hosted in the hybrid mode, both offline and online, in English as the language of the conference.

We invite interested researchers to apply with their research papers presenting innovative research on open data or case studies on different examples of open data publication, processing and reuse. Within this context, the conference aims at discussing opportunities and challenges, new tools, emerging practices, policies, innovative approaches, “dark” aspects and risks that may raise negative consequences, case studies, and more theoretical contributions concerning the governance, use, impact, adoption and sustainability of open data that may shape future societies.

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Here you can find Call for papers