Fruitful research collaboration of the TODO consortium partner is underway. Based on TODO Joint Publications Plan, first 18 months of the project have yielded one book chapter, thirteen conference contributions and three articles in journals.   

Interdisciplinary and multidomain open data research of the six faculties of the University of Zagreb supported by the Delft University of Technology and University of Aegean is underway after the production of the TODO Joint Publications Plan in the first months of the project.

Read more about our research in the following publications:


Available on-line soon:

  • C. Alexopoulos, M-A. Loutsaris, G. Stratigellis, S. Makris, S. Virkar, A. Musa, Y. Charalabidis (under review) The Complementarity of Legal Data Platforms: Identification of Functionalities and Open Issues. Journal of Information System
  • Bosnić I., Čavrak I., Zuiderwijk A. (2021, accepted) Introducing Open Data Concepts to STEM Students Using Real-World Open Datasets. MIPRO 2021 – 44th International Convention on Information, Communication and Electronic Technology
  • L. Hrustek, M. Tomičić Furjan, A. Džidić, D. Šalamon, F. Varga, B. van Loenen (2021, accepted):  Key stakeholder groups for digital innovation of agriculture in Croatia. 56th Croatian & 16th International Symposium on Agriculture Book of Proceedings
  • L. Hrustek, M. Tomičić Furjan, I. Pihir (forthcoming 2021) Political Participation in the Information Society and Impact of Open Data on It. 17-21 May, 2020 TEMSCON
  • B. van Loenen & F. Welle Donker, C. Alexopoulos (2020) Massive Open Online Course on Open Data. The TODO Online Training Programme. Samos 2020 Summit Book of Abstracts
  • A. Musa, I. Koprić, D. Dobrić Jambrović, P. Đurman. ICT supported participatory governance at the local level in Croatia. In: Democratic and Electronic Changes in Local Public Action in Europe: REvolution or E-volution? (Ed. Stephane Guerard & Antoniu Tudor) (forthcoming 2021) Institut Universitaire Varenne. Paris, France
  • Šalamon D. , Tomičić Furjan M. , Džidić A., Varga F. , Hrustek L. , van Loenen B. (2021, accepted): Promoting digital innovation: Identifying the key elements in agricultural open data ecosystem in Croatia. 56th Croatian & 16th International Symposium on Agriculture 2021
  • Varga F. , Grdiša M., Nikolić T., Guberović E., Bosnić I., Welle Donker F., Šalamon D. (2021, accepted): Spatial records quality for Dalmatian pyrethrum from Croatian Open Databases / Kvaliteta prostornih zapisa o dalmatinskom buhaču iz hrvatskih otvorenih baza podataka. 56th Croatian & 16th International Symposium on Agriculture
  • R. Zdjelar, A. Musa, N. Žajdela Hrustek: Open Data Availability in Croatian Local Government: Improving the Quality of Life. Smart Cities International Conference proceedings (3-4 December, 2020).