The initial ESR TODOLab meeting was set up in order to establish organizational policies and mechanisms. 

The following policies and guidelines have been agreed:

  • There will be at least one ESR TODOLab meeting per month (except for the summer holiday season).
  • Each meeting will be chaired by different volunteering ESRs according to the predetermined schedule; the meeting chair will be decided at least one month in advance.
  • The chair will decide on the main topic of the meeting, possibly involving other ESRs to ensure a more interdisciplinary approach.
  • Other ESRs will be able to contribute to the topic or to present other news/topics of interest to the general TODO ESR community.
  • ESR TODOLab infrastructure will be created within the scope of the TODO open collaboration platform.
  • ESR TODOLab infrastructure will be used to store presentation materials for each meeting and host news deemed of interest to all ESRs.

The meeting was held on 21.12.2020. and was attended by the WP3 leader (Igor Čavrak - FER), T3.3 leader (Ivana Bosnić - FER), and seven ESRs.