In addition to holding regular TODO ESR Lab meetings, cooperation between ESRs within the project has been raised to a higher level. Namely, the ESRs regularly cooperate and internal informal meetings are held, as agreed by an initiative of the ESRs.

The purpose of the meetings is to work on multidisciplinary research whose ideas have emerged from the continuous communication and cooperation of the ESRs. Given that ESRs operate in various domains such as agriculture and biological sciences, geodesy, technical, information and communication sciences, transport sciences, but also law aspects, a number of ideas and topics have been generated on which to focus research efforts, for the purpose of contributing to the open data field.

ESRs collaborate and work intensively on the development of multidisciplinary research resulting from the merging of different domains in which they operate. The selected topic is discussed and elaborated on the meetings, which will result in a scientific contribution to the open data field. By exchanging ideas, skills, knowledge and working together, ESRs gain relevant insights in the field of research and enrich this field with achievements in the open data field, which helps to improve their experience for future research and projects.