The first round of visits to the University of the Aegean (UAEGEAN) was carried out in September 2021. including staff and ESRs from FER and FOI. UAEGEAN organization is specific, with many premises and research groups located on different Aegean islands and one facility in Athens. Thus, one ESR from FER and one ESR from FOI spent one week visiting the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering in Karlovasi, island Samos, where they were introduced to the research environment of the UAEGEAN ESRs. In the second week of the visit, they relocated to the UAEGEAN premises in Athens, joined by other FER and FOI staff.

Visiting the University of the Aegean proved fruitful for all institutions involved. Its results included confirmation and refinement of research directions of FOI and FER ESRs, identification of opportunities for new projects between project partners, and the sustainability and continuation of research in the field related to the TODO project.

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