The first round of ESR and Staff Exchange visits to Delft University of Technology (TUDELFT) was carried out in the first two weeks of October. In the first week, Filip Varga (AGRI ) and Karlo Kević (GEOD) attended the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urbanism in the 3D GEO section of TUDELFT. Unfortunately, Margareta Habazin (LAW) was not able to join them. They were joined by Dragica Šalamon (AGRI), Ana Kuveždić Divjak (GEOD), and Anamarija Musa and Petra Đurman (LAW) for the second week in Delft. During this period, Filip Varga and Dragica Šalamon also visited Wageningen University to meet with staff of the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing, Environmental Sciences Group and Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR).

All ESRs – including Margareta Habazin online and Warakan Supinajaroen (TUDELFT) – attended a joint research session at TUDELFT on 12 October. During this meeting, the ESRs presented their research to receive feedback from TUDELFT external mentors Bastiaan van Loenen, Frederika Welle Donker and Marijn Janssen, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, and UNIZG mentors. This session was also joined by two second year MSc Geomatics for the Built Environment students. The session was followed by a discussion on future directions for open data research.