Please check out our full agenda and see what you can expect at the National Open Data Conference 2021! 

NODC2021 Agenda

NODC2021 Program

NODC2021 is organized within the Horizon 2020 Twinning Open Data Operational (857592 - TODO) project to disseminate previous project results and current activities to all stakeholders in the Republic of Croatia in the field of open data. NODC2021 is a three-day event with the participation of stakeholders from science, renowned keynote speakers from the EU, government, education, and the industry. Besides themed disciplinary panels focused on open data (law, agriculture, geodesy, informatics and organization, computing, transport, and traffic), two workshops are organized for stakeholders who want to learn more about the open data concept ("Open data for beginners" and "Show me the data! – open data mapping for beginners"). To participate in NODC2021, please register via the registration form.


The participation is open and free for anyone without the submission of a presentation or abstract. Registration is mandatory for all conference participants, whether they are presenting or attending. Live attendance at NODC2021 will only be possible upon the presentation of an EU digital COVID passport.


We look forward to your presence at the NODC2021!