Twinning Open Data Operational project (TODO), conducted within the H2020 Twinning EU framework, announces the Spring 2021 Call for Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). 

Young researchers interested in open data can enroll in the educational and supervision program on open data and interdisciplinary research. The project gathers six UNIZG partner institutions and two supervising EU universities with recognized excellence in the field of open data (University of Aegean, TU Delft).

The call will be open till April 8th, 2021. The start of the program is expected on April 19th, 2021.


Call for Early Stage Researchers – ESRs to participate in the H2020 project – TODO Twinning Open Data Operational is open until April 8th, 2021. 


What do we offer to ESRs?

1. Open Data General Training Programme

  • Participation in the online open data training (starting April 2021).
  • Involvement in the major TODO events – Research seminar in June 2020, national and international conferences, workshops from the TODO partners, and specific courses according to the researcher's needs.
  • Participation in an exchange program, in which an ESR will spend two weeks at either TUDELFT or UAEGEAN.

Attending TODO events will enable ESRs to interact with an international forum for presenting their research, networking opportunities, and cross-disciplinary inspiration. This approach emphasizes experiential and ‘learning-by-doing’ techniques through which knowledge is constructed by learners in the process of ‘doing’. This approach can evoke a mind-set change not only to free up inspiration for innovation and entrepreneurship among ESRs but also to share these concepts in a future academic career.

2. ESR Individual Training Programme

Each ESR will receive an individual open data ecosystem training plan that will suit his/her individual needs. Supervisors from different disciplines and institutions will be assigned to the ESR as a supervision team. The main TODO supervisor will be from the same UNIZG faculty and department where the ESR is doing his/her research. An interfaculty supervisor will be assigned from a different faculty of UNIZG to enhance interdisciplinary research. Also, each ESR will be assigned to an external supervisor from either TUDELFT or UAEGEAN. The ESR will have regular meetings with his/her supervision team, either in person or via video meetings.

ESRs will also be instructed to follow open access guidelines. This means that ESRs will disseminate their results in peer-reviewed scientific publications that adhere to open access policy, i.e., online access free of charge for anyone. ESRs will also adhere to an open research data policy.


What is expected from you?

All newly recruited ESRs will have to familiarize themselves with the field of open data by enrolling and passing at least the first module of the Open Data Online Training Program. The program originally consists of three modules, each lasting around four weeks. The first module consists of pre-recorded lectures, a small number of live lectures using one of the online meeting platforms, and online quizzes required to pass the module. The time ESRs are expected to invest during the training is around 10 hours per week.


Further on, ESRs will be encouraged to participate in other TODO project activities such as research seminars and workshops. There, ESRs will have a chance to present their research and interact and network with the Croatian and international experts from open data and other domains, fostering interdisciplinarity in their research.


ESRs will be in charge of regularly scheduling online meetings (once a month) with their interfaculty and external supervisors, presenting their research progress and discussing further research directions. ESRs will also be strongly encouraged to prepare and publish research papers in co-authorship with their regular, interfaculty, and external supervisors.


Networking and interdisciplinarity will also be promoted among ESRs by regularly organizing ESR TODOLab events – thematic meetings of TODO ESRs. There, ESRs will present their work and relevant topics from a research domain to their peer ESRs from other institutions and research domains.


How to apply?

Create your Moodle accountSelf-Enrol in ESR Call and fill in the application form and provide us with the following information:

  • Personal information
  • List current PhD/postgraduate/Master’s training as most recent, include Research Statement (single paragraph, max 100 words), including Title of chosen research topic, Name and contact details of the current mentor and Name and contact details of the second mentor (if applicable), and a motivation statement to participate in TODO programme.
  • Work experience (if applicable)
  • Personal skills:
  • Mother tongues(s), Foreign language(s), including self-assessment of proficiency levels for understanding, speaking, and writing.