On 22 November 2021, the fourth online site visit for TODO staff and ESRs was held.

Renata Ávila of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network gave a presentation on the role of data spaces. Cities become more and more datafied with the increase of often privatized sensor data. Citizens must take back control of their own data and cocreate federated cities as federated data ecosystems with community-led governance systems: data spaces or data commons. The federated data can be used to tackle specific societal challenges, such as climate change or environmental issues. This requires investing in digital literacy skills for public officials and citizens.
Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout of Rotterdam School of Management provided an overview of the Urban Data Platform (UDP) of the City of Rotterdam. UDPs are central hubs as market places between data providers and data users who can develop AI and data-driven solutions for decision-making and monitoring. Data is a key strategic resource for cities and UDPs are vital infrastructures to share data. Governance, capabilities and triple helix collaborations are essential to build the trust needed for UDPs to work, as is data governance. UDP are part of an ecosystem that create opportunities for new business models.

Picture 1

Renata Ávila, CEO of the Open Knowledge Foundation explaining the concept of Data Spaces of and for citizens

Picture 2

Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout, Rotterdam School of Management explaining the architecture of an Open Urban Data Platform